PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE – Spring 2019 Edition

Why The Dance of Dimitrios?


The old man Dimitrios is a floored character in many respects, but while his riverside café is treated with derision by the local village people, he seems to have more love and compassion running through his veins, than most others. Eccentric, and perhaps a little mad, his dreams clearly embody the true soul of Greece; a fast disappearing and caring world, as well as an abiding memory of his beloved wife Marta. With his dreams intact, and by discovering the English woman’s floating corpse in the river, he walks the reader into a murder story involving various police forces, as well as the UK’s secret service, and MI6.

Abduction: An Angel over Rimini

Final Cover for Create Space

As a little boy I often overheard relatives remark how much my father had enjoyed the war, although this is hard to believe in retrospect, but it set my mind spinning at the thought that I might have an Italian brother or sister, living somewhere in the past. I never really knew my father, he died when I was nine years old, but there he is in the fictional guise of Billy Lambert, wrapped up in his wartime secrets,  revealing his hidden truths.

Herodotus: The Gnome of Sofia

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This was my first attempt to bring to life, some of the characters I had met during my time in Sofia, Bulgaria. I say characters, but very often the opposite was true, and many of the anodyne expats – who worked either for big companies or within the various foreign embassies – seemed to have no character at all. In fact, one got the impression that they had been sent to Sofia, either for this reason, or as some sort of punishment. A last chance perhaps? Or, tidied away perhaps, out of sight of the main chance, and away from some dynamic office in the capital.

Summertime Blues


Most writers hate summer holidays, unless of course they are on holiday themselves. This is because everything goes quiet. I admit that Facebook is full of curvy young ladies at this time of the year, who want you to like them, but that’s not the same as heated discussions on the semantics of expression and content, nor pictures of funny looking dribbling dogs; which one presumes are also on holiday But why is this?


bookcover 2

Be an Ambler Gambler


With My Little Eye

A Day In The Life Of a Writer

Take Control Again?

MA HATTER tea-party

Brexit & The Dreyfus Syndrome


Those for and against Dreyfus were often at loggerheads, as they took sides within their own family groups, and French society was split down the middle. Often provoking violence, and inevitably causing  public angst, in the end Dreyfus was exonerated of all charges in 1906, and continued to serve in the French army, retiring with the rank of Colonel. But what has this got to do with Brexit?

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Patrick Brigham – Author

Patrick SWN 001

In the good old days, at the Sofia Western News Magazine

The Hills Are Alive

CplkA4qWYAAePrm Brexit Horsetrading & Truth by Patrick Brigham

Time For a Weekend Break?












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