Anna Mendrinou Greek Artist – PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE



Anna Mendrinou was born in Athens.  In 1964 she started studying Printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts. At the same school she studied Typography and Book Art with a scholarship. In 1968, she graduates from the Printmaking workshop with three honorary distinctions and in 1969 she graduates from workshop of Book Art.


Anna Mendrinou

Anna Mendrinou has illustrated about 140 books, has been awarded 4 Panhellenic Prizes and has been included in the IBBY Honour List. In 1987 she was nominated for the International Anderson Award.



Since 1980 she has been working at the Goulandri Museum of Natural History. Anna Mendrinou is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and one of the founding members of the Greek Engravers Association. She is also a member of the “Aesop” Company of Illustrators.

As a printmaker and an illustrator, Anna Mendrinou has participated in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad.  In 2002 she was awarded the 1st National Award for Children’s Book Illustration for the book “Aesop’s Fables”




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