Tory Sniffles & Unkind Words – PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE

Theresa May - 2016 Conference speech

The British Conservative Party Conference is over, and the cabinet is in disarray, but is it really necessary for the ‘so called,’ mature press to be so unkind and disrespectful to the British Prime Minister? Has the press suddenly turned into News of The World scum, and is that what we should expect from them in future? What’s wrong with debate, discussion, and political analysis?

Or, is the question we should ask ourselves, what is wrong with today’s consumers of premium newspapers and the media? That they should take pleasure in political leaders being characterized in such humiliating terms – including Jeremy Corbin and members of the Labor Party the week before – shows just how distorted UK society is becoming, and how absurd British politics has developed since the referendum.

Theresa May is not only being challenged in Brussels, but is also being targeted by the clowns who inhabit her front bench, and in particular one Boris Johnson. He sat grinning at her obvious embarrassment – when she was presented with a P45 by a professional prankster –  and enjoyed with glee, every minute of her obvious discomfort.  Making a speech, whilst suffering from a bad cold, needs some level of admiration, and not the contempt which was shown by her own supporters. Who are those government officials, and why should we take any of them seriously, is also a good question?


There is no way that the Brexit negotiations can be successfully concluded after this recent Tory debacle, in fact, it might seem to be the best solution if they withdrew altogether. I am an ardent ‘remainer,’ but in the event of a break up of the Tory cabinet, which is clearly in process, is the solution really going to be the appointment of a new Prime Minister? The difference between these cabinet weasels is tiny, and the thought of having another bobbing, blabbering and prevaricating blond haired narcissus on the international stage, is just asking for trouble.

Johnson, given his way, would return the UK back in time to the 70s, which was when our membership of the EEC or Common Market first began. I don’t know about you, but I am quite happy driving a Morris Minor, although many amongst you might not be so keen, and that would approximately be where ‘Business UK’ would stand in a post Brexit scenario. To give up a guaranteed market for the uncertainties or disasters which it would bring, does seem a little irresponsible.

Jeremy Corbin has been tailoring his Labour Party promises – not necessarily Labours Manifesto – to inhibit any form of extremism, and to take away many of the uncertainties. Leaving the final negotiated agreement to the Westminster parliament is probably not going to happen, and if there is another general election, the whole Brexit programme will probably be dumped. So the question we must ask ourselves is, will the Tory Party hang onto power in order to continue the trauma of further EU negotiations, or will they step aside, and allow things to peter out of their own accord?


It is very clear that, should there be a further referendum, the Brits would opt for remaining in the EU, but why? Well, for a start, we are all getting fed up with the mendacity, half truths, and desperate statements being made by David Davis and even Theresa May herself. They have insulted our intelligence once too often, and gone are the days when events could be clouded by the media, or the old propaganda machine. Further proof that the Conservative Party, and their advisors, are becoming fossilized and horribly out of date, this leaves middle England with the baffling problem of who to vote for next!

In a world which sees Facebook and Twitter as its main source of news, recent speeches and proclamations would seem far more in place, in ancient Rome. The time has passed when great elegant speeches could be made in the House of Commons, or elsewhere, which would change world events, and influence the voter; especially younger voters. They represent the future – not Tory or Labor dinosaurs – and youngsters who are generally fortunate enough to be blighted with the scourge of intelligence, won’t stand for it.

And, if you add the fact that they have access to shed loads of information and statistics on the internet, they neither need to believe nor care about, what a bunch of assorted ‘Political Thespians’ have to say, in the first place. What we oldies have to get clear in our minds is that when Brexiteers talk of the future, they probably won’t be around to see what a mess they have created, nor will they be available for any interviews! Hooray!


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