Take Control Again?     – PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE

MA HATTER tea-party

Which one is Theresa May?


  1. How many British voters, know the name of their MEP?
  2. If you know your local MPs name, what have they actually done?
  3. How many of you know how the European Parliament functions?
  4. How many British voters have worked out the downside of Brexit?
  5. Do you believe the British Government has a clue about the outcome?
  6. Where are the public officials who will run UK PLC?
  7. Would you describe yourself as ignorant or in denal?

When Great Britain became a fully fledged member of the EU, many UK citizens breathed a sigh of relief. Surely, now that a proper democratic European Parliament was at the helm, the British would be able to take a break from their familiar casino economy, whilst being allowed a stress free life? Sure, the Brits would have to put up with an internal government – which was largely manned by fools anyway – but their true influence on their lives would be marginalized by wiser heads in Brussels. In any case, surely the British would become significant leaders in the Brussels Parliament itself, and a major part in the machinery of European government? Did this happen?

I believed then as now, that the presiding UK government should be reduced to a talking shop in Westminster. Whilst laughing at the opposition makes good TV – as it has done for many years – rather like a sixth form school debating society, on this account very little  has changed.

I have always enjoyed Prime Minister’s question time, on a Wednesday, but have rarely taken it very seriously, and regard it as an entertainment. I don’t think that the majority of cabinet members could run a sweet shop, let alone the nation’s great institutions, and with a horrifying inward looking view on the state of the country, they seem Hell bent on destroying what is still good in the country, like the NHS.

To imagine for one moment that the UK could suddenly walk into the setting sun of a colonial past, and replace forty years of EU membership with shiploads of manufactured goods delivered by British freighters to the far flung ports of Africa and beyond, is ridiculous. This is firstly because the Chinese are too cheap and already there, and secondly, we don’t make anything anyone wants, and if we happened to do so, it will be far too expensive. So what is Brexit really about?

Brexit is partly to do with a disenfranchised political class, which has become a tad redundant in the last few years. With a common belief that they should rule by right, this view – which has become a little tarnished of late – belies the fact that the British House of Commons is manned by the likes of you and me, but by people, many of whom have never had a proper job in their lives.

The United Kingdom: 'Liberate Scotland Now...Wales for the Welsh.'

True on both sides of the chamber, there are trade unionists of every hue on the labour benches, as well as Tories with cushy jobs and lashings of time off. They are often seen jeering at the opposition, behind the current Prime Minister’s back. And, let’s not forget the young Conservatives – who rarely sit at their work desk all week – who often serve as town councillors, when  not clamouring to be nominated for some easy Tory seat. These are your representatives, and these are the people you vote for to protect your interests. But, are they?

Then, if I can move on, there are your MEPs. Many are UKIP, and frequently seen insulting the present Brussels Parliament with childish glee. Which of you misguided voters were mad enough to elect them? Was it you? Having no purpose at all, neither serving on any of the EU committees, or participating in the work of the EU itself, I wonder who your local MEP is, and if you really think they are your competent personal spokesperson. You probably haven’t got a clue! So lets try and sum it all up in simple terms.

You come from a country that wants to leave the EU after forty years, with a presiding government,which is finding it very difficult to even comprehend the process of its own divorce, which – in the opinion of most – is undoable. A government which has consistently misled the British public, has made promises it could never keep, and foolishly tried to cover up their naivety and shambolic negotiations, with elegant speeches in the House of Commons. A government which has no support in the upper chamber, let alone in the House of Commons itself, but still continues to try and bluff its way out of its own mess.

Perhaps it is caused by a giant version of the Stockholm Syndrome? Anyway, it made me laugh today! But that’s another story.

Patrick Brigham


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