The Summertime Blues – PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE


Most writers hate summer holidays, unless of course they are on holiday themselves. This is because everything goes quiet. I admit that Facebook is full of curvy young ladies at this time of the year, who want you to like them, but that’s not the same as heated discussions on the semantics of expression and content, nor pictures of funny looking dribbling dogs; which one presumes are also on holiday But why is this?

Bookcover - FINAL

Six months have gone past, and in my case, it is the end of the publishing cycle for my new stand alone novel, Goddess of The Rainbow. Finished last Christmas, and ready for editing, proofreading, and cover design in January of this year, it was an exciting time. This was because it was not only an administrative creation, but I was also giving birth to a new idea.

For me; going on tiptoe into the realms of literary fiction, and away from the gripping world of murder mystery, it was like starting my writing career all over again. Different rules, a different genre, and not forgetting different reviewers and readers, it occured at a time when many things had changed since my last novel, The Dance of  Dimitrios.  This was because, it seemed to me, that the world of self publishing, had changed altogether. So, what was new?


A few years ago, most writers or even publishers stuck a book cover in an advert, plus some blurb, and then put it in a trade magazine, or onto a mailing list. But today, one has to be a lot more savvy about design, and presentation, and be prepared to make advertising videos, and even timed YouTube internet broadcasts.

Often a little irritating, I know – especially if the presenter believes that they are making a moving selfie – we see all sorts of drivel being presented to us as crucial publicity, by halfwits and skilled authors alike. And that, dear reader, is America for you. But, why statements have to be repeated over and over again beats me, unless the audience is a bit thick or have become so punch drunk with the unending sales banter, they cant remember a thing!

Author Patrick Brigham

Authors, who operate on a limited budget, now have to learn these skills – hopefully with greater discretion – in order to keep up with the guru’s and pundits of the publishing profession, and I too have now discovered the art of photo slide video promotion, but with one particular advantage. Because I always set my plot scenes within the area in which I live in northern Greece, all I have to do is to take my trusty Nikon for a trip around the locality.

For my latest novel, Goddess of The Rainbow, I have also used the free internet photo library on Google, as well as my own shots of Orestiada. See what do you think ?


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