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The Judas Goat, is a well trained goat, who leads lambs to their slaughter. In central and eastern Europe, sheepherders often have mixed herds, because the goat is quite a clever animal, and sheep; being rather stupid, are inclined to follow them. And people can also play this part, and lead others to their doom. Especially if their victims are greedy, selfish and vain – imagining themselves far too powerful to be manipulated – and bigger mugs than they think.

In my book Judas Goat: The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery, just such a thing happens. It begins with the discovery of a dead man on a narrow boat, sitting in a Loyd Loom caned chair, staring into oblivion, and ends with the daylight assassination of a Chinese merchant banker on the streets of London. Why? Because this is a story about arms dealing!

Not about gun running, which is a much lesser crime, but – involving millions of dollars in international trade – the arms deals which I write about, go under the radar every day, and involve politicians, disreputable banks, and the scum of the earth.


And, although fictionalized, my story is also based in fact, because it involved the then president of Peru, president Fujimori, and his cohorts. In my book Judas Goat, I fictionalize the purchase of a squadron of defunct MIG 29s – although only one of them flew and that crashed – and a consignment of small arms for the then FARC terrorists in Ecuador. But all is not well, because DCI Michael Lambert is on the case.

There is nothing glamorous about arms dealing, although in the past Hollywood has sought to make it a nice little box office earner, with a Nicholas Cage film. However, I assure you, that any excitement there is to be had, is likely to be in the offices of a Merchant Bank. That description alone is enough to explain how most of these deals are done, because Merchant Bankers are all barter traders, and very often money doesn’t even change hands.You could be eating the proceeds of an arms deal in your lunchtime sandwich, who knows, or in your morning Cafe Latte? This is because merchant banks need to be involved in this dirty trade simply because of the large sums of money involved.

Do these noble merchant bankers sleep well at night? Well, ask the Rothschilds? One side of the family financed Napoleon and the French Republic, and the other side financed the Duke of Wellington and the United Kingdom, so what do you think?



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