I see the Pound has fallen again today and is now valued at 1.13 GBP to the Euro. Just about every pundit knows that this is caused by the disastrous Brexit negotiations, and therefore the responsibility of the present Tory government. Tories, always at the helm of a floundering ship, when disaster strikes – read Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, and now Theresa May – I find it very hard to understand why people continue to support this myopic Prime Minister, and her disastrous policies. Now she is claiming that Brexit is 95% done? True, or not true, this is a statement of fiction and meant to calm rough waters. What happened to, “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed?”

If you forget all the brinkmanship, and the endlessly encouraging statements, made by past and present cabinet ministers – quite a long list of forgettable individuals by the way – it might seem that the current quality required in order to become a potential minister of state, is catatonic amnesia. Being in denial is one thing, but is ignoring the truth; to the extent and degree that the current Tory cabinet has managed to do, simply due to downright carelessness?

Pompous, self important, and lost in a cloud of their own rhetoric, should these party stalwarts be held responsible for what they say? We are all aware that a certain American president has devalued the currency of truth to a resounding zero, but Brits do not have to follow his example.

The problem now is, that politics has superseded all reasonable governmental checks and balances, to the point where running Great Britain PLC has become a kind of secondary back story. But why has this happened?

The roots of the British theatre are to be found in the church, the law courts, and Parliament. The House of Commons is one of the few places, where individuals can remain uncensored for spouting off irrelevant, unprovable, and misleading drivel, without the possibility of being cautioned by the odd rotten egg, ripe tomato, or turnip. And the confusion does not stop there, because during the past two years, and mainly due to Brexit, the British nation has been subjected to so much political rumpus, that the nation does not know if it is standing on its head or its heels; nor the truth.

But what is becoming very clear, is that the country is suffering, British business is ‘losing’ confidence – largely reflected in recent official statistics, and a Bank of England report – and although the falling Pound is good for some, for others it is a living nightmare. So, why not resign Theresa May; have a new election, put some fresh faces on the negotiators bench, and organize a referendum?

“No, I am afraid that would never do!”

Clinging on to power is a vanity issue. Calling it democracy; based almost entirely on lies and innuendo, it is clearly no longer people’s wish to pursue a tragic and destructive Brexit. Partly due to the whim of cotton tops suffering from commonwealth nostalgia – and the tribal instincts of hardcore Tory Brexit supporters – it baffles me that these people can remain so delusional, when black country UKIP supporters have completely changed their minds.

Is it something to do with appearing to be middle class? Are the home county views of the English to be honed into some sort of political psychosis by a bunch of obsessive, and incompetent Westminster political gnomes?

Perhaps Michel Barnier is right, and the UK has finally reached the status of a small country? You know what they say?

Little countries and little people, think everything is a big deal!


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