A Very Peculiar Choice – PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE

I have been strangely quiet over the Christmas holiday, New Year and my birthday in January, but having now returned home to Greece from London, I have a few final remarks to make about Brexit, and the moral decline of the political classes in the House of Commons. I won’t go over old grounds – my views are very clear – but why do people like Theresa May and her cohorts, continue to insult the intelligence of the British MPs? Unless she is a good judge of character, and they are really quite stupid, what is so terrible about remaining in the European Union, and of openly discussing it?

I have likened it to a very short play, called A Very Peculiar Choice:-

I have watched the debate in Parliament with interest, and in each and every speech, either for or against PM Mays horrifying EU draft agreement, none have had the guts to try and kick it into touch, despite Party whips, mandates or policies. They all seem to want to engage in elegant and contrived rhetoric, where their thin and ambiguous words, hardly touch the sides. Are they all jobs-worths?

In or out of the horrid deal, does not mean the end of life as we know it, it means UK stays where it is in the EU, and to prosper as before. Before we had to listen to speculative, mendacious, and the downright lies of certain politicians – excluding Michael Gove who seems to have a brass neck – who seem to have gone away on holiday; and if they had any sense at all, would bloody well stay there.


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