A Westminster Dream Factory? – PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE

It used to be called The House of Commons, then as the EU progressed, it was renamed a Talking Shop, but anybody with two brain cells can now see how parliament has completely lost touch with reality and has become Britains very own Dream Factory. It now seems that, short of rediscovering an old DVD of Morecambe & Wise, or even our beloved Tommy Cooper, for amusement and light entertainment, the House of Commons will keep you in stitches – just like that!

The secret about fiction is not to go too far,  because in essence fiction is the Suspension of Disbelief, and that is what this largely incompetent Tory government tries to do with the British public. Like many, I adore the theatre, the way that a skilled playwright can invite an audience to share his or her flights of fancy, so that – on leaving the theatre – one is left with higher thoughts about morality, and the human condition.

These days, the British Parliament and the government now seem more akin to Bertram Mills Circus. Of course, there will always be clowns, I grant you, but there are also trapeze artists, jugglers, a few performing bears, and even the odd elephant in the room as well.

The ringmaster – or Speaker of The House, as they call him – has his work cut out to control the noisy gesticulating, and often mindless interruptions made by these entertainers – most of whom believe that they are serving their constituents’ interests – but gifted with a loud voice, he somehow manages to keep order.

Some people can’t take no for an answer, and the star of the show – the obnoxious Theresa May – is no exception. Rather like any Prima Donna, she can’t stand criticism, and as a result spits venom and hurtful remarks at anyone who deigns to disagree with her fantasy solutions, to the UK present Brexit conundrum.

 Not only does she shout down any disagreement with a lot of irrelevant piffle, but the contempt she shows to each and everybody, even made Good Queen Elizabeth – with one of her delightful off stage remarks – recommend further thoughts of compromise.

There is a difference between fiction and fantasy, because the former is creative, and the latter delusional, but Brexit has gone one stage further, and now resides within the realms of total denial.  Most of Europe is laughing at the UK government’s antics and so-called British democracy. Especially at the lies and blatant drivel – which is still being bandied around – by those who have come to believe that the British are a bunch of thick, half-educated and gullible fools, who will believe anything they are told. Let us hope that in future there may be an honest government which can actually govern, which in truth, might be better left to Brussels.

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