Britains Brexit Ballsup – Patrick Brigham Live

Suddenly they are all at it, both intellectuals and witless numpty’s, and all saying the same thing –

“We didn’t realize how bad things would be if Great Britain, left the EU.”

Best described as a suicide pact, apparently it is only now that the penny has dropped, and the true catastrophic financial facts finally revealed. Total bollocks! These Brexiteers have known about it all along, and have tried to drive the British public towards a cliff edge, like a bunch of gormless lemmings, from day one.

Three years ago, we journalists were listing all our ghastly expectations, in the realization that Brexit had been on the cards for decades. There has always been a bunch of hard core Brexiteers, since  1993, the Maastricht Treaty, and before when the EU all began. All well and good.

But where do their supporters come from, and are they all wicked conspirators, or simply blithering idiots? Everyone in Europe is fed up with corporate greed, absurd salaries being paid to top executives, and in some cases – especially in Eastern Europe – of politicians being gifted with valuable property assets. That, and the overtaxing of the meagre wages of low paid workers, it has become so obviously unfair that people have reacted in the only way they know how.

Like the yellow vest was in France, a vote for Brexit was a very British cry for help from people in the Midlands and citizens of the North East. Believing that they would finally be noticed, receive a fair a share of commercial investment, and new but meaningful jobs, but all they have managed to do is quite the opposite, and Brexit is loosing money fast.

The right wing cotton tops and conservatives were equally misled by our squirming government – who changed their tune and contradicted themselves daily – but the cotton tops had their eyes set on a new and invigorated British Commonwealth, past imperialism, and UKs reinstatement as a colonial and commercial world power.

They must have looked at the future through their cataracts with growing anticipation, and a great deal of optimism. Ships lining up outside African ports, stuffed to the gunnels with jars of Marmite and Branston pickle, and all those other wonderful things made in the UK that the world has been so unreasonably deprived of since joining the EU. Not forgetting container loads of delicious Cadburies Milk Chocolate, and tins of Ovaltine bedtime drinks, all sent to nourish the natives of our colonial past. Bullshit! These conniving little governmental weasels never even got past the first post, because they thought that it could all be done with smoke and mirrors.

What with cotton tops eulogizing over the past exploits of Lord Kitchener, Gordon of Khartoum – the Duke of Wellington triumphing over Napoleon at Waterloo – and the oft repeated, “we won the war,” I am not entirely surprised. This is because very little of it is strictly true, or at best is an exaggeration. But nostalgia has this effect, when we look through the prism of time , conveniently bypassing the back to back slums, the appalling mortality rate of children, and people dying in their thousands of the flue. Yes, those were the days.

Them and us ‘Western’”societies don’t work any more. Knowing your place and the class system has mellowed into a kind of multicultural potpourri, being posh is gifted to absurd clowns like Rees-Mogg and Boris; who are as phony as hell, and who practice their bad impersonation of Hugh Grant, by saying silly things during interviews on the telly, and the opposite tomorrow. People with double barrel names, and cockney accents, living in a society which seems almost lost, is Great Britain now to be called Little England?

Maybe it’s a wake up call to the British? Whilst our Theresa does the dance macabre throughout Europe and perhaps our daily lives, threatening and cajoling, pleading – and spitting venom at any Brit who tries to stand in her way – are we all now lesser people because of her?

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