Crucial Brexit Choices? – PATRICK BRIGHAM LIVE

It seems that Theresa May has worked her magic again, and turned much of the UK and Europe into simpering psychotics. By repeating her favourite mantra, like some deranged metallic speaking clock, we are informed each day that “It’s either my deal or no deal.”

Absolute bollocks, which any sane person must surely know, it takes me back to Monty Pythons Flying Circus, when – in one of their more alarming skits about a then-current TV panel game – a prizewinning contestant is asked, “What would you prefer, a kick up the arse, or a blow on the head?”

Any sane person would immediately reply “Neither,” but in the strange world of politics, where speaking gobbledegook is quite normal, Mays proposal has become a kind of irrational choice; an understandable translation being, “Would you prefer a bad choice, or an even worse one?”

In the end, of course, she has only one argument, which concerns the Will of The People, because the rest of her rhetoric is drivel. Full of false promises and demagogic crap, it is hard to forget how certain politicians – in fact, most – treated the referendum as a good laugh, and an opportunity to indulge in irresponsible sixth form debating society antics, making sure that today’s truths were cynically hidden from voters eyes and ears.

A government which couldn’t run a sweet shop, a Tory cabinet at odds with itself, an opposition which is tearing itself apart – whilst wise heads are ignored – all this adds up to the EU’s own project, to Divide and Conquer Great Britain. The imagined fate of the European Union itself – by a somewhat thick and a comically treacherous Conservative Party – it has tragically backfired, leaving a country in a total division, and gasping at the prospect of a bottomless black hole.

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